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Ashley Rickards Real Guide

April 8, 20159 min
Ashley Rickards is an actress, known for her starring role in MTV’s “Awkward” as Jenna Hamilton and as Samantha "Sam" Walker, a troubled young girl taken in by Brooke Davis who becomes her foster-mother, in The CW’s series “One Tree Hill.” She also starred in the 2011 independent drama film “Fly Away” as Mandy, a severely autistic girl. Rickards grew up on a horse farm that catered for children with special needs. She attended a local Montessori school where, at age 13, she had her first taste of acting in an opera production. Rickards graduated from high school at age fifteen and is a member of Mensa. After attending a local talent showcase, organized by Lou Perlman, Rickards traveled to Los Angeles where she eventually gathered a team of representatives. Upon graduating, Rickards began to appear in a number of minor roles. After making a number of guest appearances and shorts, she landed the role of Samantha Walker, a runaway foster child, in “One Tree Hill” for the 2008-2009 season.

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