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Author Constance Corcoran Wilson

December 16, 201338 min
Normally I play by the modern Social Networking rules of keeping interviews locked in at eight to seventeen minutes. I not only broke the basic principals of keeping true to your busy life and style. But you're gonna have to put this show on hold a couple of times to endure the full landscape of who Constance Corcoran Wilson is as an author, teacher and true American Hero. Her seasons are of many. Through every change of color there's been challenge, victory and newer ways to write the multitudes of expression. The interview runs roughly 38 minutes. If you're a teacher grab paper and pen and take notes. If you're a writer then expect to learn new ways to bend sentences. If you're a reader and or student. Open your imagination and let tomorrow arrive in ways that will affect you beyond forever. Connie (aka, Constance) Corcoran Wilson CEO, Quad Cities' Learning, Inc.

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