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Beau Phillips I Killed Pink Floyds Pig Returns 2016

October 17, 201619 min
A collection of funny, decadent, outrageous stories about rock's greatest superstars. Never-been-told stories of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Plus exclusive photos! It's your all-access pass...a behind-the-scenes VIP tour of when rock was great. The author takes you backstage and inside bands' dressing rooms, hotel suites and private planes of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and dozens more. I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig is an insider’s perspective by Beau Phillips, a respected radio programmer and former head of marketing at MTV Networks. Phillips was an insider and occasional accomplice who witnessed rock stars in their heyday - from inside their dressing rooms, tour buses, hotel suites and private planes. His book is a collection of first-hand stories that have never been told, accompanied by dozens of photographs. It’s a testament to the remarkable staying power of classic rock. The book’s foreword was written by Sammy Hagar, former lead singer for Van

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