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Bob Perlow The Warm Up Guy

February 17, 20168 min
It’s the rare performer who can legitimately claim to have created an entirely new entertainment category. But Bob Perlow did and can. Chock full of backstage dish on some of TV’s biggest sitcom stars, he documents that in his new show business memoir: THE WARMUP GUY (Pelican Publishing Company/February 15, 2016) and will be performing his one man show at New York's Triad Theater on February 16th. There’s more to warming up a TV studio audience than an initial pre-show rah-rah cheerleader session to get the folks in the bleachers revved up. That was the way it once worked, but Bob Perlow changed that forever when, for a whopping $50 a week, he agreed to warm up the audience for the first tapings of “Laverne and Shirley.” Instead of cracking a few jokes to set the tone, with his own money he bought a supply of audience giveaway t-shirts, and performed what amounted to a stand-up comedy act every time there was a scene break, a re-shoot, or anything else that caused taping to stop during

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