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Boone Smith Big Cat Week NATL Geographic

November 27, 201513 min
BOONE SMITH is a big cat wrangler with more than 20 years of experience wrangling, collaring and marking hundreds of cougars and pumas in Chile, California, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Colorado. A fourth-generation tracker and houndsman raised on a cattle ranch in southeast Idaho, Smith has used his expertise to gather data on big cats, their behavior and their landscape to help scientists with conservation studies. He has appeared in many Nat Geo WILD specials including Man v. Lion, Urban Jungle, Secret Life of Predators, Cougar v. Wolf, Hunt for The Shadow Cat and American Cougar. Boone does a variety of capture work for numerous NGO's in California, Alaska, and South America. In addition, he serves as a consultant for Panthera, a nonprofit science and education institute, collecting data and radio collaring cougars in the Jackson Hole Basin. He conducted similar capture, collaring and data collection for the Endeavor Wildlife Research from 2005 through 2009 and for the Wildlife Co

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