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Brad Taylor No Fortunate Son

January 6, 201514 min
Taylor’s novels feature series characters Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill, part of the top secret extra-legal unit called The Taskforce, created to contain terrorist plots and global threats—some of which have proven scarily prophetic. In the past two years, Taylor has correctly predicted the threat of Chechen terrorists, the risks of independent contractors leaking US intelligence (a la Edward Snowden), and attacks by Boko Haram, by writing about them before they happened. Even some of the technology Brad gave his fictional Taskforce is now in development. In fact, he is so knowledgeable that he fully researches and plans an operation for his fictional Taskforce as well as the terrorists in each novel, but during the editing process he inserts red herrings to make sure neither can be replicated. In a recent review of No Fortunate Son, Booklist raved, "Taylor has become the heir apparent to the late Vince Flynn." This is high praise for any author, but it’s not surprising praise for

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