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Brian Sullivan Platinum Road

July 23, 201436 min
What is songwriting? Some would call it poetry while the masters of modern day success have named it words-man-ship. The art of being alive is having the opportunity to document it. The scale wasn't designed for judgment but rather the weight of how much of our soul we allow ourselves to pour into the dreams that keep us awake late at night. I've done radio for 35 years. Not because I've got the passion to become a disc jockey. I write. Words. Words that need a place to be displayed. You think I'm alone? You're crazy. Julia Cameron says it best, "We were all born to write." Which is the reason why I love bumping into creative hearts connected to vividly energetic minds. It takes a lot of guts to take a calling and turn it into sight, sound and smell. Even if one person touches it... Job well done.

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