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Broken Record

January 4, 20175 min
Empty are the eyes of so many. No wonder we find more pleasure in our digital devices then having physical conversation. The human mind body and soul is broken down. I'd say, "Go find a church!" But that great feeling of unconditional love only lasts until Sunday night. By Monday morning the edge of your universe is caving in due to the endless demand by leaders programmed to produce. If not met. Threats of departure are tossed about like popcorn becoming kernels. How can the common man or woman with a common background survive beyond the mistreated guidelines of supply and demand? Remember these words: Numb is still a feeling. Numb doesn't mean you have nothing. You've still got that gift another business would find value with. Grow forward and outward. It starts with letting go of your comfort zone. There's no such thing as comfort if you're being treated poorly. Nobody but you can save you at work.

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