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Bryan Adams Get Up

November 7, 201510 min
Bryan Adams wasn’t planning on making an album when he first started collaborating with Jeff Lynne. “It came together quite by chance,” Adams says of working with the Electric Light Orchestra leader for his latest record Get Up!, via phone from London, England. “Although I’d known Jeff in the past, I’d wanted to work with him for years. Jim (Vallance, Adams’ longtime songwriting partner) and used to talk about how there were two or three producers that we both really admired, one was Mutt Lange and the other was Jeff Lynne. I just went to hang out with him one and day and he asked if I’d be up for doing a track and I said, ‘Yeah!’ I just happened to have some songs and I played him my songs and he chose one and we did one and it sounded great. So he said, ‘What about doing another?’ It went on like that for about two years.” Working with Vallance and Lynne remotely, sending demos and pieces of tracks back and forth via the Web thousands of kilometres apart from each other, yielded Adam

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