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Cassandra Michaels Lets Go

September 30, 201614 min
With talent that was once discovered in a closet at a Christian school in small Midwestern town, Cassandra Michaels’ world is so much more lively, passionate, dignified, and virtually amazing since she decided to step outside of her comfort zone to truly embrace herself. Once known to her 200,000 plus fan base as an adorable pop princess, Cassandra is now coming into her truth as she matures along with her music, style, and audience. She’s always had the talent, as her songs were a thoughtful reflection of her youthful existence. With her girl-next-door innocence she was able to capture the hearts of those seeking pop perfection. With a new project on the horizon, Cassandra is no longer thinking; she is living. While the music is still pop, the feeling is now imperfection, truth, sensuality, boldness, and everything else that defines the essence of womanhood. Working with the likes of producers Tommy Brown, Ryan Tedder, Michael Foster, and songwriter. Njomza, Cassandra is re

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