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Christopher Andersen The Good Son

October 31, 201410 min
In THE GOOD SON: JFK Jr. and the Mother He Loved by Christopher Andersen (Gallery Books; on sale October 28th; Hardcover; $27.00), the #1 New York Times bestselling biographer delivers another dramatic installment in the lives of the Kennedys—including new details about JFK Jr., his relationship with his mother, his many girlfriends, and the night of his tragic death. It’s hard to believe that fifteen years ago John F. Kennedy Jr., the crown prince of Camelot and heir to his father’s charming good looks and relentless ambition, ultimately inherited JFK’s tragic legacy, too. As we remember JFK Jr.’s remarkable life and untimely death, master biographer Andersen explores the unique connection between the extraordinary son who captivated America and the beautiful and mysterious mother who molded him into a man. Like many parents and their children, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and JFK Jr. shared an intense, tender, and nurturing bond. It was, quite simply, the most important relationship in

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