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Count Domenick Dicce Vampire Survival Guide

October 28, 201520 min
Have you ever wondered what kind of problems you would have if you were turned into a vampire? In “Count” Domenick Dicce’s unique spin on the monster survival guide, YOU’RE A VAMPIRE – THAT SUCKS!: A Survival Guide (Tarcher|Penguin Paperback; ISBN 9780399175886; On Sale October 13, 2015; $12.95), you’ll learn just what it’s like to be the one dodging wooden stakes rather than wielding them. “Count” Dicce’s exhaustive guide includes tips, tricks, and trade secrets on how to cope with your new existence, such as: • Understanding the vampire food pyramid • Creating a nest egg for eternity • Navigating your new vampire powers • Coffin selection • Recipes to die for Told from the first-person perspective of “Count” Dicce, YOU’RE A VAMPIRE – THAT SUCKS! arrives just in time for Halloween, when many of us discover that our lackluster fitness routine has allowed us to become an easy target, subject to an eternal transformation for which we are ill-prepared. Being bitten by and turned into a va

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