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Darren Davis Amy Winehouse Comic Book

August 16, 201429 min
Bluewater Productions has published a new comic book biography on the life of Amy Winehouse as part of their popular Tribute series. Tribute: Amy Winehouse, is eleased this week in honor of the anniversary of her death. The tribute is available in both print and digital. The book was written by Michael L. Frizell with art by Jayfri Hashim and features seven collectable and exclusive covers by Hashim and artist Brent Sprecher. Amy Winehouse, the newest member of the “27 club,” musicians at the height of their career who lost their lives at the age of 27, lived a hard and fast life. Her story, illustrated on her body in the form of tattoos, tells the tell of a talent flaming out long before her time. "Amy Winehouse was one of those artists whose demons both drove her work and led to her untimely death. Writing about her was difficult. As I researched her life and her work, it became increasingly apparent that I couldn't write about her stardom without addressing her illness and vice ver

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