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Darren Davis Bon Jovi Comic Book

May 1, 201427 min
Bluewater Productions announced the third release comic book biography for “Rock Music Month” featuring lives of famous rock musicians. Bon Jovi is the recent musician who will be illustrated be part of the popular biography series. Fame: Bon Jovi is released on April 29nd in print as well as digital. For “Rock Music Month” Bluewater this month has released bio comic books on Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury in their Tribute series. Written and drawn by Jayfri Hashim, the story of Bon Jovi retold in this comic book. This story of New Jersey’s favorite musicians Bon Jovi, who survived three decades of trials and tribulation. Bluewater goes back to the early years of the band and how frontman Jon Bon Jovi gets a record deal and kept the band going for decades. The classic rags to riches story, what kept the band going strong and will it be the end of the crossroad? "We get a lot of requests on subjects to tell their stories in this unique medium. Bon Jovi has always been at the top of t

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