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David Daley Rat F--cked

June 27, 201614 min
The way dark money was translated into congressional majorities is one of the great, sinister stories of our time. But in David Daley the shadowy figures have finally met their match.” —Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter with Kansas? “An alarming study of the GOP’s redrawing of the American political map across the country… Daley takes on each significant state race in turn and notes that despite the country’s pulling more center-left on many issues, the far right is going to be calling the shots until 2020. The author looks at the masterminds behind the strategy and the mapmaking technology as well as the roles of restrictive voting rights laws, ‘dark money,’ and voter turnout. A chilling intimation of the growing entrenchment of partisan politics.” —Kirkus Reviews What happens when a team of canny Republican operatives spend $30 million to influence down-ballot political races and tip state legislatures from blue to red? A massive redrawing of electoral lines that has lock

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