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David Menkin From Thunderbirds Are Go

April 20, 20179 min
Thunderbirds Are Go is a reinvention of the classic 1960s TV series, Thunderbirds, and features the world's most famous family of heroes, International Rescue. The series highlights the five brave Tracy brothers and their covert operative Kayo as they pilot their remarkable, cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles to perform seemingly impossible rescue missions -- from the depths of the ocean to the highest reaches of space. Now back for a third season on Amazon, Thunderbirds Are Go delivers a new level of action-adventure animation for today's audience while paying tribute to the characters and locations from the original series. As an actor, David Menkin has been featured in films such as the Oscar®-winning Zero Dark Thirty, Florence Foster Jenkins alongside Meryl Streep, and Hologram for the King starring Tom Hanks. Perhaps even better known for his voice work, David has been featured in animated series such as Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder and Floogals, not to mention a score of popular video games. David plays the roles of "Virgil" and "Gordon Tracy" in Thunderbirds Are Go and can discuss why this reinvention of a classic series appeals to young audiences today.

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