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Dont Be Afraid To Reach Beyond

January 26, 20176 min
Getting on the inside. A dangerous game that doesn't always invite peace. Instead it's pieces. We're all guilty of trying to help a friend or family member. We do all we can to get on the inside of the way they think, act and or react. Not a good place. In fact I believe there should be a sign above the door of every person's inside that reads "Leave this for the professionals." Being that go to person to help pick someone up or help guide them to a safer way of thinking is a very dangerous beginning middle and continuation. Being unconditional is brilliant. But it doesn't play with the unprotected territory of being on the inside. We all have a lot going on on the inside. 80% of it never reaches the outside. It just builds up. Only to take on the shape of another voice once freed. Christians love helping other Christians and non-believers. No where is it written that you have a backstage pass to the inside. Leave it for the professionals. Be loving by providing a path in that directio

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