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Dr. Leonard Peikoff IDEAL

July 17, 201514 min
IDEAL demonstrates Rand's Objectivist philosophy in practice, as six characters have their integrity put to the test. The novel follows the beautiful and celebrated screen actress Kay Gonda—a character inspired by real-life movie star Greta Garbo—as she pleads for help from six of her most devoted fans: an upstanding family man, a farmer, an artist, an evangelist, a wealthy playboy, and a lost soul. Gonda tells each that she is wanted by the police for murder and needs to hide. By the end of the night she has tested the integrity of six people who claim that she is their ideal. In a summer filled with other literary “lost” novels from Harper Lee and Dr. Seuss, Ayn Rand continues to be a relevant and important voice for a large segment of readers. Finding and publishing a “lost” Ayn Rand novel is major news for her devoted fans. Ayn Rand was born on February 2, 1905 in Russia and published her first novel, We the Living, in 1936, after moving to the United States. Her novel A

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