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March 14, 20174 min
March 13, 1999: Giblets There are a lot of positives going on—the sort of stuff you usually read about when someone passes to the other side. I still believe there’s hope inside this determination—it’s who I am not what I want to be. Have you ever stopped to view the ink that doesn’t make it to the paper? I see shadows of a destination sidetracked by objects much bigger than me. A river flows downward—a lake stretches across, man was not made to walk on water. Up, over and through—determination gets to the point. A woman once said to me, “I bet you’re the George Carlin of poetry.” I laughed and thought, “And you are nothing but an overpaid librarian.” So what does determination have to do with this thought? Nothing…welcome to the other side of the page.

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