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Ian Halperin Author Of Kardashian Dynasty

April 19, 201620 min
An extensive undercover investigation exposes intimate secrets and explosive disclosures in KARDASHIAN DYNASTY by Ian Halperin (Gallery Books; on sale April 26, 2016; Hard Cover $26.00). America’s most polarizing family made their reality show debut in 2007 with E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and almost a decade later, they show no sign of slowing down. Salacious tabloid headlines, media appearances, branding deals, reality show spin offs, and unfettered access to their daily lives on social media, the infamous family continues to steal the celebrity spotlight. And yet, amidst their mega, exploitive success, there are many unearthed secrets that plague the Kardashian brand. Investigative journalist Ian Halperin goes undercover and infiltrates their world to expose the truth about all things Kardashian including: • The Kardashian family’s intimate involvement in the O.J. Simpson trial . • Going undercover to infiltrate the porn industry, Halperin gets to the likely truth about Ki

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