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Jason Porath Rejected Princesses

February 4, 201710 min
The REJECTED PRINCESSES book features exclusively, and for the first time, a huge number of new stories of fearless femmes and distressing damsels. Fun, feminist, and educational, the REJECTED PRINCESSES anthology proves that—spoiler alert—women have been kicking butt for a long, long time and will continue to do so. A few of the many ‘Princesses’ included in this new book are: Moremi Ajasoro (12th century, Nigeria), “Spy Queen of the Yoruba:” Moremi boldly defied village elders by staying put during a spirit invasion, only to find that the invading “spirits” were merely men from the neighboring tribe in elaborate straw suits, there to steal their food. She married the leader of the tribe, got her new husband drunk, escaped, and revealed the truth to her village: that the spirits were mortal, and all too flammable. Annie Jump Cannon (1863—1941, United States), was a deaf scientist who revolutionized astronomy. A member of the Harvard Computers—an all-female team of astronomy

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