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Jessica Garrett Oh Ick

November 1, 20167 min
From A to Z, arachnids to zits, Oh, Ick! (Workman Publishing; $14.95; Ages 8 & up; November 1, 2016) encourages curious ​kids to roll up their sleeves and think like a future Nobel Prize winner​. With easy-to-find materials, readers can dive into many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, physics, and a bit of entomology, engineering, and forensics, too! Budding scientists will perform real science with ick-speriments (think Ooze Olympics and Stinky Burp Factory), build or craft something with ick-tivities (Worm Condo, anyone?), and investigate nature and the wilds of their home with ick-splorations (join us on an Insect Safari!). Every activity comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions and is accompanied by gross (yet fascinating) explanations of “What Just Happened.” Brave readers will also create a stinky burp factory and bacteria hotels, solve a clogged toilets case, embark on a scat scavenger hunt, and hang out with some worms. Whether in a kitchen, a classroo

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