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Johnny Anonymous NFL Confidential

January 6, 20169 min
NFL CONFIDENTIAL: True Confessions from the Gutter of Football by Johnny Anonymous is an unprecedented, explosive tell-all about the National Football League that will go on sale Jan 5th (just in time for the playoffs!). Obviously Johnny Anonymous is not the author’s real name. If we told you his real name, it would mean this book was approved by the NFL before we went to print. And trust us, they would not approve. But Johnny is very real – he’s an offensive lineman and has been a pro football player for a few years now. And he hates it. He hates what it does to his body, to his brain, to his life. So he’s decided to risk his career and write a book that is so devastatingly honest that he can’t even tell you his real identity. In addition to revealing what players really think about all the controversies of the game, including domestic abuse, drug use, concussions, racism, Deflate Gate, Roger Goodell and the thugs in league management, and headline-making players like Tom Brady, Ray R

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