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Karen King from McDonalds

April 12, 20167 min
McDonald’s has made a number of significant changes over the last few years – adding kale and spinach to its salads, refreshing classics like the Egg McMuffin and, of course, offering All Day Breakfast. But the Golden Arches are committed to making additional changes that go beyond food. Next on the menu? Workforce education. The company aims to use its scale to be part of the solution to close the education gap in this country and they are listening to employee feedback to make developmental programs successful. The company is excited to mark the first anniversary of Archways to Opportunity, a comprehensive education program announced by McDonald’s last year, by announcing the total number of employees now enrolled. This month, McDonald’s will unveil that nearly 5,000 employees are enrolled in Archways to Opportunity in the United States. McDonald’s is committed to leading the industry in promoting comprehensive workforce education in a way that helps employees

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