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Ken Kratz author of Avery

February 21, 20178 min
It’s time to set the record straight about Steven Avery. The full record—including evidence never before revealed—makes his guilt clear. The Netflix series Making a Murderer quickly became a huge hit, with over 19 million viewers in the U.S. in the first 35 days. The series left many viewers with the opinion that Steven Avery—a man falsely imprisoned for almost 20 years on a rape charge—was railroaded into prison a second time by a corrupt police force and district attorney’s office. Viewers were outraged and hundreds of thousands demanded a pardon for Avery. The chief villain of the series: Ken Kratz, the special prosecutor who headed the investigation and prosecution. Kratz’s later misdeeds—prescription drug abuse and sexual harassment—cemented his guilt in the minds of the viewers. This book tells what you don’t know. Making a Murderer raised convincing doubts about Avery’s guilt. But now, Ken Kratz puts those doubts to rest with Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What Maki

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