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Liz Shannon Miller From Indiewire

February 12, 201517 min
Years before "Breaking Bad," Albuquerque's premiere "criminal" lawyer Saul Goodman was Jimmy McGill, a public defender who puts on a good show, but struggles to get his clients off and never has enough stickers on his parking ticket. Bouncing between the courthouse, a local diner, the electricity-less house of his brother Chuck and a tiny office in the back of a Vietnamese nail salon, Jimmy has his eyes on a potential financial jackpot -- the Kettleman family, which may be sitting on a million dollars thanks to an "accounting discrepancy" on the part of the husband. But in his attempt to win over the Kettlemans' business, a mix-up regarding Mercury station wagons puts Jimmy face-to-face with a loaded gun. There are maybe more noble ways to try to win over a client than hiring a pair of skateboarding twins to fake a car accident. Maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't do that to manipulate a client into picking your services. The Bar Association probably frowns upon such a move -- and probabl

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