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Maria Bello Love Is Love

April 27, 201521 min
Maria Bello has played many characters in her 25-year acting career—from Anna on ER, to Lil in Coyote Ugly, to Edie in A History of Violence—but it took a life threatening illness for her to ask herself: who is the main character in my life? In WHATEVER…LOVE IS LOVE Questioning the Labels We Give Ourselves (Dey Street Books; April 28, 2015; $25.99 Hardcover), Maria answers that question, and more, in a powerful, intimate meditation on identity filled with wisdom and insights relevant to us all. On bed rest, recovering from a parasite she’d picked up in Haiti, poring over hundreds of journals she’d kept since she was a girl, Maria wondered: what moments and experiences defined her most, and who was she now? What was her story? She wanted to tell it before it was too late. But as she sought answers, more questions presented themselves. She considered the people at her bedside each day—her 12-year-old son, Jackson; his father who no longer lived with them; her best female friend with whom

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