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Mark Greaney True Faith And Alligence

December 5, 201614 min
In TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE, as deadly events involving American military and intelligence personnel around the globe happen, it becomes clear that there has been some kind of massive information breach and that a wide array of America’s most dangerous enemies have made a weapon of the stolen data as it changes hands from Romanian hackers to the Chinese government. With U.S. intelligence agencies potentially compromised, it’s up to John Clark and the rest of The Campus to track the leak to its source. Their investigation uncovers an unholy threat that has wormed its way into the heart of our nation, a danger that has set a clock ticking and can be stopped by only one man: President Jack Ryan. But President Ryan is going to have to make some tough choices – and may have to put his own flesh and blood in the firing line in order to stop America’s most dangerous foes. The newest installment in Tom Clancy’s immensely popular Jack Ryan series, TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE by Mark Greaney

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