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Mason Zgoba Black And White

August 13, 201517 min
Mason Zgoda, born in Lexington, Kentucky and raised in Harrisburg NC, began writing and playing music at age eleven. Her parents bought her a guitar for Christmas, and she began taking lessons. "A few months after beginning lessons", Mason says "I was listening to the 'Fearless' record by Taylor Swift, and I thought 'I wish I could write songs that expressed my feelings as much as this album does.' And then I thought, 'Hold up!! I play guitar! Let's do this!' and I took the only four chords I knew, and wrote the chorus to Superman." 'Superman' appears as the second song on her Black & White album. "For me, music has always been about communicating and expressing. I'm not so good at talking about how I feel, but I feel. so. much. Somehow, with music, I could put it into words." Mason Zgoda Mason has done an excellent job of putting her feelings to words on her debut album, 'Black & White', which releases on August 15th, 2015. The album weaves a beautiful, emotional story, and presents

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