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Rosamund Stone Zander Pathways To Possibility

June 28, 201612 min
In The Art of Possibility, which has more than 600,000 copies in print, family systems therapist and executive coach Rosamund Stone Zander showed readers how to become passionate communicators, performers and leaders by embracing and radiating a mindset of possibility. Zander’s new book, PATHWAYS TO POSSIBILITY: Transforming Our Relationship with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World, stimulates a distinct but equally powerful mental shift that promises to bring readers into greater harmony with themselves, others, and the world around them. In PATHWAYS TO POSSIBILITY, Zander shows us that life is a story we tell ourselves, and that we have the power to change that story. She invites us to shed the childhood stories or behaviors that hold us back, illuminating how breaking old patterns and telling a new story can transform not just our own lives, but also our relationships with others—whether in a marriage, a classroom, or a business. She shows that when we become aware of patterns

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