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The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 64

March 18, 20174 min
Growing up my parents endlessly asked me, "Who do you think you are?" My reply was, "It's not who I am. It's who I am going to become." The parental figures never seemed to be too happy with that come back. They wanted to know what led up to the making of the present decisions. I never stopped trying to explain that making the right choice now was greater in who I will be tomorrow than the choices I made yesterday. So in 2017 I still ask, "Does being in the present have an echo? Or is it a performance brought on by an echo? Sadly I think many of us are the end result of other people's echoes. So how do you re-grip the lines on the path and make it your own? By recognizing who you are in this moment. Being open with the truth. Not I am... But rather why am I? The change in language will increase your confidence and build stronger trails toward your personal leadership skills. If you're going to be you. Then be yourself the entire way.

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