View From The Writing Instrument


March 11, 20175 min
You can try and run from it but you can't hide from it. We were all born to be creative people. That doesn't mean you have to write music, paint on a canvas or be the master of the greatest kitchens on the planet. A creative mind and heart is like a visionary sent out to explore the Louisianan Purchase like Lewis and Clark. One problem... In 2017 we don't allow ourselves to experience the unexpected before jumping off the path. My question has always been, "Where are the original seeds that send most people in opposite directions?" I think it's in the words we are given. In martial arts they teach us to properly block by barely tapping the approaching fist or kick. Words do the same thing. The tiniest word and or thought has the right amount of energy to take you off your game. Lets twist it. What if that unexpected word in your head and heart was meant to get you back to where your journey was supposed to be. We rarely write anything down anymore. We Facebook and Tweet.

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