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Wayne Jacobsen Finding Church

January 31, 201523 min
Finding Church: The Transition Away From Traditional Institutionalized Religion Newbury Park, CA, January 13, 2015 – More and more people are admitting that they no longer attend Sunday services. While it would be logical to assume that by not attending church services, these people no longer follow the teachings of Jesus, this couldn't be farther from the truth, according to author Wayne Jacobsen. Jacobsen explores this trend of the "unchurched” in his new release, Finding Church: What If There Really Is Something More? (Trailview Media.) In posing the question "What If There Really Is Something More,” he creates a platform for the "dones” – people who are simply "done” with organized religion, yet remain passionate in their pursuit of Jesus and authentic community. Jacobsen examines traditional church, the myriad of reasons people are leaving, and what exactly these same individuals are doing for spiritual fulfillment within their communities. "God's church is a living te

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