Advances in Medical Imaging

State of the Art in Cochlear Implantation Imaging

February 24, 200915 min
Host: Jason Birnholz, MD

Guest: Scott Holland, PhD

Guest: Daniel Choo, MD

Successful cochlear implantation has remarkable impact on quality of life for children with congenital and early onset hearing loss. How do clinicians best evaluate these children for likelihood of success with implants, and what are the imaging challenges when following up with these patients later on? Drs. Scott Holland and Daniel Choo from the University of Cincinnati examine new technologies on the horizon, from fMRI to near-infrared spectrophotometry, for screening and following candidates of cochlear implantation. In the process, they outline salient features of sensorineural hearing deficits and share the state-of-the-art in operative methods for implantation. Dr. Jason Birnholz hosts.

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