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May 29, 2024 1 min
Learn about your state.  Coloradopedia spotlights Maybell a town near the Northwest corner of the state.  
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Channel ninety three three Cavil ninety threethree is Colorado Pedia spotlights. Maybe okay,
So let's say you got drunk atthe old Town pub and steamboat drove
north on Highway forty fell asleep atthe wheel, but miraculously made it seventy
two miles. You'd end up inMaybell. That's how Maybell has been populated
since eighteen eighty four. Named forthe wife of a local cattleman, Maybell

was a small flat woman who wasnot holding up that well. Perfect fit
right. Maybell is a favorite soundfor those who tried steamboat but hated all
those garish mountains and flouncing scenery.If you like dusty flatlands of the extreme
northwest, Maybell is your girl.While in Maybell, stay at the historic
Victory Hotel, which ironically looks likeit actually lost a war. Things to

do in Maybell include visiting the siteof the massive I Do Fire, the
grizzly Meeker Massacre, or just sitback and enjoy near constant fifty mile an
hour winds. It blows here.Maybellers enjoy plateau, peeping, tumbleweed farming,
and ditch washing. Well today,I hope you learned a little more
about the cheap seeds of Maffat County, Maybelle. Thank you Colorado Pedia from

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