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May 10, 2024 1 min
You mom... clappin' back!  Happy Mothers Day. 
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Channel ninety three three. This ismy Mother's Day. This track for my
useless family, So spark one up. Y'all are probably wondering, my mama
ain't here clean enough after the kidscould bring you daddy up here. But
it's Mama's patch to day and Iam at the mall getting peasants for myself.

No thanks to y'all. I doall the chores. Daddy's with the
horse. Kids want to juice box, it's in the refrigerator. Don't nobody
take the trash. Nobody touched thedishes, tripping me and sing like daddy
trafficking the bitches. Swear to Godone day I'm gonna and Mother's Day is
perfect. Didn't you think about it. I'm gonna take the cards. I'm
gonna max them out. If mylips some pill, we're gonna make a

pack. You're gonna roll up onthe gardener put the horror in his chatter,
freaking. It's Mother's stay to dayand you can call me shorty,
go clean your room. I'm fina. That's how it is goo Mother's Day.
Kids brought up in a barn nervesl O l at five oh five,

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