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June 11, 2024 1 min
Want to go rafting but don't want to drive all the way out of town to do it? Raft GLOBEVILLE! 
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Bum Channel ninety three three. Ifyou're looking for the thrill of riding them
rabbids without heading up to the highcountry, you need to check out Raft
Lolowville. Experience the rush of thenewest whiteish water adventure in Colorado. At
raft Glowville, you'll drop into theriver behind the Salvation Army, ride the

Mighty Plaid past the stew pandis sevento eleven through the glorious Denver Stockyards,
jump out at the Commerce City transferStation, or if you pass out from
the smells or the complimentary Miller HighLife, drift home until you finally come
ashore in scenic Fort Lupton, wherethe Tractor Supply Place will let your rents
off with the power washers, whichis essential. You do not want to

get any of that river water inyour mouth eyes. We are running trips
throughout the summer or until the healthDepartment gets their way. That's Raft Glowville
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