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MacBreak Weekly 529: Sentient Mechanical Octopus

October 18, 2016134 min
Hosts: Leo Laporte and Andy Ihnatko
Guests: Jim Dalrymple and Aaron Hillegass
Tim Cook prefers AR over VR, and says it is a more "broad-based technology" that encourages human contact. Siri is falling behind Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and the Amazon Echo, but Apple just hired an AI expert from Carnegie Mellon to help close the gap. Rumor says that Apple is no longer going to do that thing that rumors said it was going to do - is the Titan car project dead before it is even confirmed? 
•As the end of October approaches, is Apple still going to hold a MacBook event this month? Jim Dalrymple says he thinks so.•How is Swift 3 different? Aaron Hillegass from Big Nerd Ranch explains.•Want a simple, effective HDR post-processing tool that will make your Nexus 5 photos look like they were taken with an iPhone 7? Andy recommends Aurora HDR 2017.
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