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Security Now 607: Proactive Privacy, Really!

April 11, 2017149 min
This week Steve and Leo discuss Symantec finding 40 past attacks explained by the Vault7 document leaks, an incremental improvement coming to CA certificate issuance, Microsoft patches a 0-day Office vulnerability that was being exploited in the wild, what's a "BricketBot"?, why you need a secure DNS registrar, This Week in IoT Tantrums, a head shaker from our "You really can't make this stuff up" department, the present danger of fake VPN services, an older edition of Windows reaches end-of-patch-life, some "closing the loop" feedback from our listeners, a bit of miscellany, and a comprehensive survey of privacy encroaching technologies and what can be done to limit their grasp.We invite you to read our show notes.
Hosts: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte
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