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Windows Weekly 496: The ARMs Have It

December 14, 2016121 min
Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 desktop to ARM. This is not Windows RT; it's full Windows 10, plus an emulation layer allowing Win32 apps to work on 64-bit ARM.ARM-based Windows 10 portable PCs are going to be a thing, starting by holiday 2017. Devices not running Win10 don't have to have a screen to get Cortana: Harman Kardon speaker running Cortana is coming next year. officially launches; already has 115,000 users on Kik (after a week). Talking bots can be built with Skype-calling API. Microsoft updates the shipping versions of Windows 10 on Patch Tuesday. MS fixes glitch that kept some Win 10 PCs from being able to connect to the Internet. Surface Hub: A (surprise?) hit. Tip of the week: Microsoft Launches New Two-Day Sale on High-End Surface Books Appraisin mobile app pick of the week: GrooveEnterprise pick of the week: 16 years of MS support? Welcome to Premium Assurance Codename pick of the week: AthensBeer pick of the week: 2016 Anchor Christmas Ale
Hosts: Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and Paul Thurrott
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