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A Conversation with C. G. Ayling

March 26, 201553 min
Camille Sanzone talks with C. G. Ayling about things that matter. For example: people more than possessions, dignity more than dollars, justice more than laws, understanding more than blame, TRUTH, and the importance and power of words. Do your words hurt, demean, bully and damage others, or do they heal, comfort, and lift others’ spirits? (C. G. Ayling is the author of a fantasy book series: BELTAMAR’S WAR: BOOK 1: MALMAXA – BOOK 2: THE PILGRIMAGE, and a blog found at www.cgayling.com.)

This show is broadcast live on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network (www.w4wn.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (http://www.talk4radio.com/) on the Talk 4 Media Network (http://www.talk4media.com/).

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