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Power Forward Woman - Phenomenal!

June 18, 201449 min
Camille’s guest, her sistah from another mistah, was Star Williams, CEO and founder of Power Forward Woman, bringing women together to support each other and become successful women in business. Power Forward Woman’s vision is to encourage each successful woman to pay it forward by inspiring and mentoring other women. Williams is a feisty, fired-up, soulful woman, and the always heartfelt, often amusing and ever animated conversation between her and host Camille is guaranteed to lift your spirits. (Contact Williams at: powerforwardwoman.com)

There was also a touching tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou, who passed on May 28th. A recording of Dr. Angelou reciting “Phenomenal Woman” to a stunning musical background was played, as was the song “Black Butterfly” sung brilliantly by Maya Azucena.

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