Patti Vasquez
Patti Vasquez

Patti Vasquez


‘Life After Hate’ with Christian Picciolini, The Political Round Table, Elliott Serrano and “What’s That From?!” | Full Show (Aug 18th)115 min
Listen in to the inspiring story of a one time Skinhead turned Peace Advocate, Christian Picciolini36 min
It’s a Pretty Late Celebration! The Birthday Political Roundtable (Dan Kotowski, Scott Stantis, Rep Anderson, Ann Moller), Windy City Cosmo and Comedian Paul Farahvar | Full Show (Aug 17th)115 min
Woodstock, IL is making things happen! Brandon C. Price, Rep Martwick, Dr. Lars Dingman “The Itunes Psychic” | Full Show (Aug 16th)115 min
It’s a Total Eclipse of the Show! Comedian Emo Philips, The latest in tech with “Gadget Guy” Steve Van Dinter, and Best Burgers in Illinois | Full Show (Aug 15th)133 min
Monday Political Round Table (Scott Stantis, Paul Farahvar, and Dave Lundy) discuss Trump and Charlottesville and New Music Monday with Andy Pratt (Playing Cafe Mustache) | Full Show (Aug 14th)118 min
ACLU’s Director of Police Practices Karen Sheley, The Political Round Table, “King of Geeks” Elliott Serrano, Scott Stantis and ‘What’s That From?!’ | Full Show (Aug 11th)121 min
Comedian Vince Maranto live in studio, Mortgage Expert David Hochberg takes listener calls and “One Tail at a Time” with Comedian, Joe Kilgallon | Full Show (Aug 10th)121 min
Comedian Pete Lee talks about his Jimmy Fallon appearance, “No Complaint’s Day”, Brandon C. Price and Dr. Lars Dingman “The Itunes Psychic” | Full Show (Aug 9th)113 min
Actress Loni Anderson, AV Club’s John Teti, Comedian Don Dipetta and Music with Tess Considine | Full Show (Aug 8th)116 min

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