Episode 207 - DNA Higher Education: CentiMorgans and Segments/ Houses In Photographs49 min
Episode 206 - Fisher Visits With Tuskegee Airman / Tom Talks Wet Photo Rescue48 min
Classic Rewind: Episode 146 - Woman Sold At Birth Finds Her Birth Brothers, Tells Story / Researcher Shares Ties With Tragic Death of Young Girl in Days of The Wild West48 min
Episode 205 - Family Vacation Triggers Slave Research Journey / Tips On Using Compilations48 min
Episode 204 - The Biggest Disaster You’ve Probably Never Heard Of48 min
Episode 203 - Microfilm Gives Way To Digital At Family History Library / Dealing With Slave Holder Ancestors48 min
Classic Rewind: Episode 184 - Why DNA Test Seniors First, and Other DNA Questions / GeneaMusings Blogger Randy Seaver On His Genealogy Go Over48 min
Episode 202 - “The Great Grandfather That Never Was” / “The Archive Lady” On What You Might Find Behind Closed Doors48 min
Episode 202 - SAR President General Talks Revolution / Breakthrough! Name Change? No Birth Town? No Problem!48 min
Episode 200 - America’s First “Mug Shots” Can Now Be Seen / How Court Records Can Answer A Lot Of Very Old Questions48 min
Episode 199 - Paul Woodbury on DNA Controversy / NexGen Invites Young Genealogists48 min
Episode 161 - Instant Classic Rewind/CNBC's Bill Griffeth on The Stranger in My Genes48 min
Episode 198 - Kansas Woman On How To Grave Witch / Southern Cousins Attempt to ID All 45 Of Ancestor’s Children!48 min
Episode 197 - ReclaimTheRecords.org And Freedom Of Information Act Requests For Genealogical Records48 min
Episode 196 - Fisher Visits With Actress Heather Lind from AMC’s TURN- Washington’s Spies48 min
Episode 195 - Most Common DNA Questions, Part 248 min
Episode 194 - Buying Your Childhood Or Ancestral Homes, The Ups & Downs; Maureen Taylor on Spring Cleaning Your Photo Collection48 min
Episode 193 - Toddler Returned To Family As 1964 Kidnap Victim Learns He Is Not Parents’ Son. CeCe Moore Helps “Paul Fronczak” Find His True Identity48 min
Episode 192 - Perfectly Preserved 19th Century Child Found in Back Yard, Identified and Reburied With Dignity48 min
Episode 191 - Project 2020, Celebrating the Pilgrims’ 400th/ Hooking Your Kids On Family History49 min
Episode 190 - The Pluses and Minuses of Mitochondrial DNA Testing / A Big Fat Greek Genealogy Experience49 min
Kansas City Woman Rediscovers Her Father’s Voice / Which Of The Major Websites Best Fits Your Research?49 min
Episode 188 - The Epidemics That Claimed Our Ancestors / NEHGS Catholic Record Project Progress Update49 min
Episode 187 - Michigan Woman Seeks To Join TEN Lineage Societies This Year / DNA Trends You’ll Want To Know About49 min
Episode 186 - Fisher & Lambert On “Rent A Grave” In Europe / Ancestry’s Genetic Communities49 min
Episode 185 - FamilySearch Ready To Digitize Your Local Records / Utah Man Finds Family History Gold In New Zealand Book Case49 min
Episode 184 - Why DNA Test Seniors First, and Other DNA Questions / GeneaMusings Blogger Randy Seaver On His Genealogy Go Over49 min
Episode 183 - Using Boy Scout Merit Badge Material To Teach Your Kids / This Season With Who Do You Think You Are?49 min
Episode 182 - Genealogist Let Loose In NYC Municipal Archives, Sources He Found49 min
Episode 181 - Of Creoles, Slaves, Spaniards, and French / Tom Perry On Separating Stuck Pictures49 min
Episode 180 - Photo Detective Maureen Taylor On Finding Ancestral Photos / Idaho Man’s Rescued Film Project Nets Historic Pix49 min
Episode 179 - Fisher & Lambert On RootsTech Highlights / Immigrant Ancestors and Their Social Security Records49 min
Episode 178 - Confirmation: Exactly Where The Salem Witches Died / Woman’s Ancestor Is Buried Twice, Viewed Twice!49 min
Ep. 177 - Genealogy Road Show Host Kenyatta Berry On Tricks For Researching Slaves and How They Apply to Any Type of Research49 min
Episode 176 - Organization Reunites Purple Hearts With Vets and Families / Oscar Hammerstein III On His Family Research And Rodgers & Hammerstein49 min
Episode 175 - New Free DNA Tool Tells Which Grandparent Traits Come From / Relative Race Is Back… You Could Be On It!49 min
Episode 174 - California Genie Identifies “Jane Doe” From 196850 min
Episode 173 - RootsTech Keynote Speaker CeCe Moore, The DNA Detective, On DNA Coaches & Foundling Research49 min
Episode 172 - Woman Sold At Birth Discovers Origins / Missouri Researcher Ties To Old West Story50 min
Episode 171 - Methods of Deciphering Old Handwriting / Company Turns Cremains Into Mugs & Jewelry50 min
Episode 170 - Ohio Man Makes Great Discovery Outside His Father’s Italian Boyhood Home/ FamilySearch’s Jen Allen on Roots Tech 201750 min
Episode 169 - Door Knocker in Slovenia Finds Family / Bernice Bennett Talks National Archives50 min
Episode 168 - USS Arizona Survivor Talks Pearl Harbor / Finding Your WW II Ancestors’ Records50 min
Episode 167 - Robert Charles Anderson on Puritans, Pilgrims, and the Winthrop Fleet50 min
Episode 166 - DNA: War Father’s Son Discovers His Half-Sister / Quakers Leave Long Record Trail49 min
Episode 165 - MyHeritage With Free New DNA Matching Opportunity / Finding Photos of Your Veterans49 min
Episode 164 - FamilySearch.org CEO Steve Rockwood On Where We Are Headed Next49 min
Episode 163 - Interviewing Tips with Carolyn Tolman of LegacyTree.com49 min
Episode 162 - “The Legal Genealogist” On Divorce in the 19th Century49 min
Episode 161- CNBC Anchor Bill Griffeth On His DNA Shocker And His Book "The Stranger in My Genes"49 min
Episode 160 - Autograph Quilt Reveals Town History/Post Mortem Photos of the 19th Century49 min
Episode 159 - Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin On His New Genie Crime Novel & British Records48 min
Episode 158 - Using The “FAN Club Principal”Cluster / “Genealogy.coach” Launches49 min
Episode 157 - “Endogamous Poplulation?” Why It Might Affect You! / Missionary’s Incredible Find In Somoa49 min
Episode 156 - "Circumstantial Evidence" and Genealogy / Tacoma Man On Adopting A Cemetery49 min
Episode 155 - Researching Eastern Europe & Other Tough Places / Becoming Your Family’s “Go To” Person49 min
Episode 154 - Technology From Pokemon Go And The Future of Genealogy / Our "Insane" Ancestors And Their Records49 min
Episode 153 - Fraternal Organizations & Secret Societies: Where Are The Records?!49 min
Episode 152: Little Known UK Courting & Marriage Traditions / Finding the Family of An Adoptee's Murdered Birth Mother49 min
Episode 151- LegacyTree.com's Paul Woodbury on Planning Your Next Genealogy Trip / PA Woman Receives Long Missing Relative's Ashes49 min
Episode 150 - Genealogy & The Harry Potter Back Stories/ CEO Bruce Buzbee on the Roots of Roots Magic!49 min
Episode 149 - Photo Detective Maureen Taylor On IDing Unmarked Pictures / Just Who Was Molly Pitcher?49 min
Episode 148 - What An Old House And An Estate Inventory Can Tell You /Update On Family of Nine Children Who Learned They Had Eight Different Fathers!49 min
Episode 147 - FultonHistory.com Founder Talks New York Digitized Newspapers / Man's Ancestor Died Without Citizenship Through Outdated Law49 min
Ep. 146 - Woman Sold At Birth Finds Her Birth Brothers, Tells Story / Researcher Shares Ties With Tragic Death of Young Girl in Days of The Wild West49 min
Ep. 145 - PBS’ CeCe Moore on DNA Latest / Descendant of Civil War Soldier Thrilled at Find of Ancestor’s Camp Possessions49 min
Ep. 144 - Finder of Civil War Relic Seeks Contact With Descendants/ Digitizing At The Local Level49 min
Ep. 143 - DNA: Ontario Woman Finds Birth Father after 33 Years/ LegacyTree.com On Why You Might Want Hire A Professional49 min
Ep. 142 - Minnesota Man On His Visit With Last Surviving Civil War Soldier / Joshua Taylor of New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Talks New York City Research49 min
Ep. 141 - A Visit With the Creator of Relative Finder / EG Classic Interview With Apolo Anton Ohno49 min
Ep. 140 - Genealogy Roadshow's Mary Tedesco on Italian Genealogy/ What Does Fisher's DNA Match Really Mean49 min
Ep. 139 - Extreme Genie Seeks To Become An English Earl / Glen Meakem of Forever.com On Prioritizing Preservation Projects49 min
Ep. 138 - Land and Court Records and Revealed Stories / Was Man's Birth Father A Nazi?49 min
Ep. 137 - 1838 Sale of Woman’s Slave Ancestors By Jesuit Priests Saves Georgetown University from Bankruptcy49 min
Ep. 136 - Sam Roukin, “Simcoe” of TURN: Washington’s Spies Talks Revolutionary War and Playing A Historic Figure49 min
Ep. 135 - DNA Breakthrough Identifies Parents of Woman Born in 1916 / This Season on “Who Do You Think You Are” on TLC49 min
Ep. 134 - Ron Fox, Photo Expert, On Finding Rare Photographs on eBay / First Time Genealogist Breaks Open Ancestry Line That Baffled Experts For 20 Years!49 min
Ep. 133 - LegacyTree.com Researcher Kate Eakman on Finding Ancestry Through Social Security Applications (SS-5) / Larry Gelwix Talks About Our Extreme Genes Fall Cruise on Royal Carribbean!49 min
Ep. 132 - Michigan Woman Follows Up Father’s Dying Confession, Finds Unknown Sibling in Europe / Nathan Dylan Goodwin and the Genealogical Crime Mystery “The America Ground”49 min
Ep. 131 - Advances in Irish Ancestry for St. Patrick's Day & The Freedom Bureau Project Advances African American Research49 min
Ep. 130 - "Relative Race" Is Hot New Genealogy Reality Show/ Ireland Senator Talk Irish Records for St. Patty's Day49 min
Ep. 129 - Genealogy Gems’ Lisa Louise Cooke on Mobile Genealogy and the Genealogy of a House!49 min
Ep. 128 - Ancestor Leaves 330 Names On Mysterious Civil War Quilt / Henry Z. Jones is Back With More Psychic Roots!49 min
Ep. 127 - Storing Your Digital Material 'Forever' / "Genie" Leads Restoration of North Carolina Cemetery49 min
Ep. 126 - A Roots Tech Breakdown With Fisher & David / A Valentines DNA Day With 23andMe49 min
Ep. 125 - Handwriting Analysis on Ancestors’ Handwriting49 min
Ep. 124 - She Left Her High Powered Job To Find Her Chinese Ancestors and Kin!49 min
Ep. 123 - Salem Execution Site Part II: Professor On How Site Was Confirmed49 min
Ep. 122 - Collector Has Bradford Bible From Mayflower / Collecting Ancestors Related Items49 min
Ep. 121 - A Visit With Karen Batchelor, The First African-American Woman to Join the DAR!49 min
Ep. 120 - 2015 Listener Story of the Year49 min
Ep. 119 - The War of 1812 Project/ The Night the Stars Fell49 min
Ep. 118 - Same Docs/Different Views & Baseball Hall for Woman's Ancestor?49 min
Ep. 117 - Lambert On Getting Kids Into Genealogy / Dead Woman Viewed Twice in Four Years!49 min
Ep. 116 - Fisher Talks To Pearl Harbor Vet Who Was On the Arizona / Researching Your World War II Ancestor49 min
Ep. 115 - Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno & Dr. Robin Smith on DNA Week!49 min
Ep. 114 - A History of The Mayflower with Robert Charles Anderson49 min
Ep. 113 - Coordinating Family History Data Across Platforms / Another Grandpa Gone Bad!49 min
Ep. 112 - The Benefits of Family History Stories on Children and The Wax Figure That Wasn't!49 min
Ep. 111 - From Orphan To Sibling Reunion! Plus, NY Woman Calls Nathan Hale Kin49 min
Ep. 110 - America: The Penal Colony? And Black Sheep in Illinois51 min
Ep. 109 - DNA WEEK: Women's Ancestors... And Fates... Switched At Birth!51 min
Ep. 108 - Owning An Ancestor's Tombstone... Without Stealing It! And Finding Ancestral Photos.51 min
Ep. 107 - Daughter of Late Chicago Cubs Coach Seeks Her Father's Stories & Voice50 min
Ep. 106 - Grandparents Unaware of Their Own Divorce in 1970s! MacEntee's Genealogy Do Over.50 min
Ep. 105 - Uncovered: Civil War Soldier Who Hid True Identity From Family / Meet "The Center for Home Movies"50 min
Ep. 104 - 23andMe DNA Day & Pursuing A Jail Break50 min
Ep. 103 - Passionate Genie Buys His Own Cemetery & Solving the South50 min
Ep. 102 - One Person- Jamestown- AND Cortez Crew Member Ancestry! Plus War of 1812 Pension Nuggets50 min
Ep. 101 - The Night The Stars Fell50 min
Ep. 100 - One Marriage, Nine Kids, Eight Fathers!50 min
Ep. 99 - 23andMe on DNA Genealogy50 min
Ep. 98 - Revealing Your Criminal Ancestors To Kids50 min
Ep. 97 - MyHeritage Founder Gilad Japhet Shares His Vision50 min
Ep. 96 - Reunion Prep 101 / Pursuing Lincoln's Mother50 min
Ep. 95 - Futuristic Genealogy Technology / Listener's Dogged Journey Ends in Success!50 min
Ep. 94 - Joining the DAR Without A Soldier / Planning Your Research Trip To Italy50 min
Ep. 93 - Hear A Guest Who Was Switched At Birth! / Ron Arons on "Black Sheep" Ancestors... Like His!50 min
Ep. 92 - "Dear Myrtle" on Keeping Your Stuff Alive, Even When You're Not; Interactive Maps With Ancient Photos50 min
Ep. 91 - NEHGS' David Allen Lambert Joins Extreme Genes Team! DNA: Grateful Half-Siblings Talk About First Meeting. Marilu Henner Talks Family History!50 min
Ep. 90 - Descendants Can't Hide From Puzzilla! And DNA Triangulating Part 250 min
Ep. 89 - DNA "Triangulation," How Does It Work?51 min
Ep. 88 - "Genealogy Road Show" Star Kenyatta Berry On Slaves And Slaveholders51 min
Ep. 87 - Fisher's Mother- Accidental or Intentional Stowaway?!51 min
Ep. 86 - Listener Discovers Her Titanic Connection / The Ideal Mother's Day Gift At A Discount!51 min
Ep. 85 - Probate: And Helping Others Inherit Money From Strangers51 min
Ep. 84 - Hillary Clinton's Long-Wrong Grandmother / Is Your "Line to Adam and Eve" the Real Deal?53 min
Ep. 83 - Crowdsourcing Your Research / Theresa's Family Remembers53 min
Ep. 82 - Finding A Murder Victim's Next of Kin53 min
Ep. 81 - FamilySearch International CEO Brimhall On Where We're Headed53 min
Ep. 80 - Pension Record That Should Be Made Into A Movie!53 min
Ep. 51 REWIND - Your Ancestors In the American Wars BEFORE the Revolution!53 min
Ep. 79 - Those Strange Experiences of Serendipity!53 min
Ep. 78 - Which "John Smith" Is Yours? DNA To The Rescue! And A New Season of "Who Do You Think You Are?!"53 min
Ep. 77 - NEHGS Genealogist Lindsay Fulton on the Ins and Outs of Joining Lineage Societies… And A Canadian-American Listener Gets Research Help From a Scottish Monk!53 min
Ep. 76 - Roots Tech Wrap: Where is Family History Going Now?53 min
Ep. 75 - History of a People Found in a Trunk!53 min
Ep. 74 - One Aspect Of Your Ancestors' Lives You Should Pay More Attention To!53 min
Ep. 73 - More SWEDES!  The basics of Swedish research.53 min

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