The Investigation

The Investigation

Robert Mueller may have rested his case. But the verdict is still out as Congress continues its presidential probes and even considers impeachment. The same team that brought you exclusive reporting and the first interviews with James Comey and Michael Cohen takes you inside the halls of Congress and the committee rooms where the investigations unfold.... Show More

On this episode of "The Investigation," President Trump's personal attorney Jay Sekulow talks with senior editorial producer John Santucci and White House and Capitol Hill reporter Katherine Faulders about congressional investigations: "we're not ramping up an impeachment." Sekulow also discusses the ongoing legal battles for the President's tax returns: "This legislative purpose issue overrides everything they do. That's a constitutional requirement for the Supreme Court." When asked by "The Investigation" about Robert Mueller's upcoming testimony on the Hill: "They're just looking for the gotcha moment. I don't see it."

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