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Kerboomka With Kershel Anthony

October 11, 201655 min
Known for his charismatic and magnetic personality, choreographer and entertainer Kershel Anthony has been lighting up the dance world with his distinctive moves for over twenty years. As the founder of Kerboomka, a new dance-cardio craze, Kershel took his love of dance to the stage at the age of ten and never stopped. Launching Kerboomka in 2012, Kershel is credited with successfully marrying dance and cardio to create a fitness system for the masses that is spreading like wildfire in the US and around the world.

"Kerboomka gives people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn choreography and to rediscover their love of dance," says Anthony. "The goal of the program is that regardless of ability, everyone who tries it can find success and have fun. Kerboomka is a scalable program that can easily be modified for beginners and ramped up for experienced dancers."

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