The Butterfly Moment on Empower Radio

What's On Your Menu? with Steve Leuchtman

April 19, 201626 min
When you go out to eat and the waitress or waitor comes to take your order what would happen if you just said you were hungry? They might ask again what you would like, but if you continued to just say that you were hungry they would get frustrated and walk away. It isn't until you tell that waitress or waitor what it is exactly you'd like for you to achieve getting some food to fill your hunger. Well in life you also need to find yourself being more specific on what you want to help achieve getting that goal or thing. On today's show we chat with fellow friend Steve Leuchtman as he shares his Butterfly Moment on how he was more specific and how it helped him achieve his goal.

Chat About What's On Your Menu? with Steve Leuchtman

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