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Welcome to the United States of Anxiety

September 18, 201610 min
The United States of Anxiety is an in-depth look at the human stories underlying this year's presidential election.
Too often, political reporting tells us how voters feel about the issues, but now why they feel that way. And in this election, just about everybody is feeling anxious about something.
Poll after poll shows the vast majority of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. And for many of them, those frustrations are rooted in economic anxiety. They feel that they're losing their grip on what's left of the American Dream. Donald Trump has emerged as the vessel through which they believe the country can turn back the clock and that they and the country can regain its greatness.
But another group of people are here specifically because they think that America remains the best chance they've got to build better lives for themselves and their families, and they're willing to break the law and risk everything to build new lives here. But immigrants aren't always welcome in their adopted communities, and with immigration front and center during the 2016 campaign, they're feeling anxious about their ability to remain in the country and continue to seize their destiny in a land of opportunity.
This is the story of the people whom the Drumpf campaign targets: both through outreach and scapegoating. And it just so happens that on Eastern Long Island, they're living side by side.
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The United States of Anxiety is hosted by Kai Wright and produced by WNYC Studios & The Nation Magazine. 

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