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RTO 180 Goodbye Sophia Locke

Februrary 21, 201673 min
Gooch, Pete, and Bobby recorded RTO in front of live audience with special guests Gabe Lopez and Sophia Locke. We made fun of Bobby for being hi, talked about how Gooch tortures his wife by relentlessly saying ‘MY DICK’, Gabe Lopez played ‘Guess Those Cocks’, and we said “until next time” to Sophia Locke who is leaving Vegas to conquer Seattle. It was a great show! Website risetooffend.com Email us rto@risetooffend.com Patreon https://www.patreon.com/risetooffend ($5 bucks a month gets you bonus content) Facebook.com/risetooffend Twitter @risetooffend To leave us a 5 star rating and positive review on Itunes. Click this link!!! https://t.co/aW1BcnN4d1

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