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A Compassionate Presence: Reiki as Alternative Pain Management

July 7, 201415 min
Hosted by: Eric Tangalos
Guest: Harold Bob
If you were told there was a method of reducing pain that was low- or no cost, not harmful, and effective, would you be interested in learning more? Nothing can replace evidence-based medicine, but the human connection between physician and patient can go a long way to reducing patients' pain and suffering. How can Reiki and other alternative healing methods complement conventional evidence-based medicine? Dr. Harold Bob, managing partner of a group practice in Reisterstown, Maryland, and medical director at two nursing homes and a hospice in Maryland, discusses the benefits Reiki has brought to his patients and suggests ways all physicians can apply the basic principles of this method in their own practices to connect with patients. How big of a difference can compassionate presence bring to a patient's quality of life and well being? Hosted by Dr. Eric Tangalos.

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